Church of Scotland - Jedburgh (1840)

At Kelso, where Mr Horace Bonar laboured, and at Jedburgh, where Mr Purves was pastor, a more silent, but very solid work of conversion was advancing. At Ancrum (once the scene of John Livingston's labours), the whole parish, but especially the men of the place, were awakened to the most solemn concern. A Bonar

Purves wrote, ' I did not preach sermons, but spoke to the people about their souls and the great truths of the gospel, as I would have done to them face to face about a piece of important business, not in a formal but business way.' Also, 'There is a true and living Church amongst us, however small, which I never did have before; a little band to co-operate with me in every way, and to lay themselves out for the spiritual welfare of their fellow sinners.' 'After their working hours they go about visiting their former companions in wickedness, when ill, or any opening that presents itself for speaking to them about their souls.'

Robert Murray McCheyne preached here at least once which must have lit a fire.

Additional Information

The church met in the Abbey, but at the Disruption in 1843 Purves left to form a Free Church with most of his congregation.

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