Uig Baptists - Skye (1838)

During 1838 and 1839 there was a smallpox epidemic on the island, consequently many died. At about this time, the minister, Angus Ferguson wrote, ''There is at present a great revival in Uig; the appearance is more promising than any I have ever yet seen. I saw a revival in Mull and in different other places, but although the appearance in Mull was truly glorious and proved so, yet it was not so promising as the revival here ... Sabbath last we had three additions of young but married men. After preaching to an audience of about 400, we went to the bank of a small river in the neighbourhood. The congregation stood silent and composed on both sides ... There is a great reformation in this place ... '

From ‘The Skye Revivals,’ by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press, p76-7. From the Baptist Home Mission Society Report, 1838, page 17.

There were only 19 in the church in 1832, but by June 1839 Ferguson could say, 'Our congregation upon the Lord's day amounts generally to about 400. Our Sabbath School is also doing well. It has already been the means of a great moral change among the young. any of them carry their bibles to the fields and commit passages of it to memory.' 

'Baptist Home Missionary Society Report 1839, page 11.

Additional Information

I do not know where the Baptists met.