Finnieston Church, Glasgow (1839)

On Sunday 1st September 1839, as Buchan preached in church, 'many began weeping...and all were deeply affected. Almost everyone stayed for the after meeting and Buchan counselled the anxious until after midnight, while two sabbath school teachers remained to converse with others till some hours later. Many who had been exhorted to go home returned from their beds, unable to find any rest in sleep. 

Critics claimed Buchan was driving the people mad, but the enthusiasm continued. On Monday, a prayer meeting was held at five in the morning and others were held during the day at mealtimes. At one Monday evening's meeting over 300 were unable to gain entry to the church, so were addressed by Buchan from the top of an outside stair while three ministers from neighbouring churches addresses the packed service inside. Such was the emotion felt that some had to be carried out of the church in a swoon, while others continued all night in prayer. An impressive meeting was held in a neighbouring park. For several weeks, public and private meetings continued unabated, while many from Finnieston also attended packed meetings in the neighbouring Anderston church. 

Thanks to Tom Lennie's, 'Land of Many Revivals', page 362.

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I do not know where this church was situated

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