Moulin - Burns (1840)

Then on to Moulin another favoured spot, where Burns preached to an audience of about 500 in the open air, though with little liberty. Pronouncing the benediction, he intimated that he felt there must be some cause, either in himself or in some of them, for the withdrawal of the Spirit; nevertheless, he made it clear that he would remain to talk with any in distress. No one left. Burns prayed and the congregation seemed more solemnised. He said he then spoke, 'fora long time with such assistance that I felt as if I could have shaken the globe to pieces through the views I got of the glory of the divine person of Christ...' As a result, 'the people were bent down beneath the Word like corn under the breeze and many a stout sinner wept bitterly.'

'God's Polished Arrow', by McMullen, page 55.

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