Boghole (1839)

'After preaching in Forres for two Sundays to increasing congregations, he went to Boghole, where he conducted service with comfort to himself and profit to his hearers. As an illustration of the effects of the services in Boghole, a single case may be given, that of a young man who called on the minister one morning before breakfast, and who had apparently been caught hold of by the Spirit the first day Mr Morison preached in the place. This man had for a considerable time been externally a consistent professor, but the discourses of the evangelist had led him to see that hitherto he had possessed the form, but not the power of godliness. He went to Mr Morison, shaking with fear, and in great alarm, lest he had grieved the Holy Spirit to such an extent that He had left him forever. The conversation between the two lasted for a considerable time; before parting, the young man gave expression to his thankfulness by stating what a wonderful change he had experienced through believing the gospel. Such cases were numerous at Boghole, and wherever the ardent evangelist conducted services.'

'The Life of the Rev James Morison', by William Adamson, page 62.

Additional Information

There was a Seceders church here, but I do not know where it was. 

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