Bracadale (1823-1837)

In 1823 John Shaw of Bracadale died. Shaw came to the Lord through the Moulin Revival at the turn of the century (see this website), and was a great supporter of the evangelical cause in Skye. MacLeod was appointed in his place.

At his first Communion at Bracadale MacLeod would only allow those who were truly converted to partake, so only ten out of 250 partook. As a result of several complaints by the landed gentry, the Skye Presbytery tried to depose him, but after many years he was finally exonerated.

Another area of contention between MacLeod and his fellow ministers was his support of the Gaelic School teachers who broke with convention and preached to the people. Many ministers in those days did not believe in the 'priesthood of all believers.'

After 14 years of a powerful ministry in Bracadale, MacLeod was appointed to Snizort in 1837. So many came to hear him that the church, which had been built by his father, had to be extended.

From, ‘The Skye Revivals,’ by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press, p53-7.