Melrose (1840-1843)

In spring 1840 Ebenezer Young, who had come from the revival in Denholm. He began meetings and in September he did eight protracted meetings followed in October by three more. These meetings were crowded to overflowing. In March 1842 a Congregational Church was formed. James Morison visited in February 1843 and found, 'the interest exceedingly great. The place was crowded in all its passages and porches and this before the hour. Our 'anxious' meetings were attended by hundreds... Every hour of the day was occupied in conversing with the young believers, or, as was generally the case, with awakened sinners. The higher classes became deeply interested and I was sent for by many of them that I might converse with them... the brethren know of 60 persons who are hopefully brought to the knowledge of the truth.'

'Early Congregational Independency in Lowland Scotland', by McNaughton, Vol 1, page 462.

Additional Information

I do not know where they met.

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