Glendale - Skye (1842)

A report by Roderick MacLeod on the revival.

Soon after the awakening broke out in Unish, it appeared also in Geary, another Gaelic School station in Waternish, under Mr Murdoch MacDonald, the teacher there, and also at Glendale in the parish of Durinish, so that from that extreme and intermediate point, where it first commenced, it proceeded to the right and to the left, till now, in a series of regular successive movements, it has traversed the whole extent of the island, from north to south, yea and beyond, on to the islands of Eigg and Rhum, in the parish of Small Isles, the most distant bounds of the PresbyterySkye.'

‘The Skye Revivals,’ by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press, p47.

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