Blair Atholl Parish Church - Burns (1842)

Burns preached in the churchyard at Blair Atholl in August 1842 for five hours before four thousand people, to the great impression of many. Someone said, 'it was a most imposing sight. Most of them were men and the ground being dead level and inconvenient for sitting, most of them stood. The thirst to hear was so intense and the blessing which had crowned his previous visits so widespread, that almost the whole population, not only of Atholl but from Sraloch, Strathardle, Kirkmichael, Glenerochy, Dalnacardoch, Foss, Glenfincastle, Strathtay and Strathtummel, flocked to hear the great preacher'. Burns' words, 'cut deep into many a heart that day'. One white-haired old man was seen weeping at the gate and saying, 'Oh, it's his prayers; I canna stand his prayers!'. 

Burns preached again in the evening in the church for three hours to an audience that would have remained till daybreak. There was one old woman who could speak no English, yet always sat on the pulpit stairs when Burns preached. Asked why she did so when the message was delivered in English, she replied in Gaelic, 'Oh, I can understand the Holy Ghost's English!' 

Macdonald of Ferrintosh also preached during the deep awakening in Blair Atholl at this time.

'Land of Many Revivals', by Tom Lennie, page 352.


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