Albion Street School - Aberdeen (1840)

“October 23d.—In the evening I met from three to four hundred in the Albion Street school, chiefly mill-girls, and spoke chiefly from the beginning of Luke xv. I was enabled to speak very awfully of the lost state of sinners, and the enormity of many sins abounding among us at one particular time; and the impression was so great that almost all were in tears, and many cried aloud. This impression seemed so deep and genuine, that it continued the whole evening afterwards, and though I dismissed them three or four times, hardly any would go away, the greater part crying aloud at the mention of dispersing. Accordingly, we remained until after eleven, and even then the greater part remained behind me, and the beadle could not get some of them away for a long time after this. It was indeed to all appearance a night of the Lord’s power, and I trust a night of salvation to some."

"November 19th.—At eight, Albion Street school; full attendance, though I did not intimate at the mills. What a sweet contrast the meeting presented at the time I came into the appearance of these dear young people when we first met in this place! Glory to the Lord! The subject, ‘Behold what manner of love/ &c. I desired to speak in an awakening way, which is my natural bent, but could not; and was enabled in some degree to speak for the comfort, examination, and instruction of those who are under concern. Many wept tenderly during the whole meeting. There was great solemnity and earnestness in prayer, and when we dismissed at a quarter past ten many were almost unable to go away. Indeed, a great number went into the lower schoolroom, in the dark, and remained there for a considerable time in prayer, Miss C., the excellent teacher of the infant school, being with them. I was told to-day by Mrs. M. that a person had said to her, though he was not particularly favourable, ‘ I am persuaded there is much good doing.’ It is said that now on a Saturday night there is not one for ten that there used to be of these young women walking in the streets! Praise!

From Rev W C Burns' Journal

Additional Information

I believe this was the site as an old map said 'Session School' and a school is still on the site.

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