Haugh of Grandtully Farm - Burns (1840)

Wednesday, September 16th. — . . . During the time of our meeting I noticed a farmer of the name of M‘G. of H of Grandtully, come in and stand listening with the most rivetted attention to what was said. He was a rough-looking man, and one whom I noticed in this character the first night that I was at Grandtully, saying to myself, ‘ How wonderful it would be to see that man brought under conviction of sin.’ From his appear- ance at Logierait on Sabbath, and now at this meeting, I entertained a hope that this might be the case. When I came out and met him, my hope was agreeably confirmed. Having to go from home on business, and being anxious to be at our meeting at Grandtully in the evening, he had set out very early and was now returning in the utmost haste. When he heard that I was at Balnaguard he sent home his horse that he might be present and accompany me home. We accordingly had a good deal of solemn converse on the way. He seemed under deep concern, and pressed me to go in, though my time was nearly gone, and pray with them. I did so, and hardly had I entered when the room was filled with old and young, collected from the harvest- held. Without saying a word we joined in prayer, and so remarkably was the presence of God granted that all were in tears, and some cried aloud. After prayer, I left this scene, which was certainly one that displayed the finger of God as much as anyone in which I ever was, and walked home in company with R. D., a stepson of M‘G.’s, and the boy who cried out in the church at Grandtully on the first night that I was there. He seems to continue under deep concern, and has got some com- fort since that time. He went, dear boy, with me to carry my bag. When we had got to a considerable distance, a number of those who had been affected in the house came running across the fields to meet us again, weeping bitterly ; but I did not en- courage this, and sent them to secret prayer. I arrived at Grandtully by five o’clock, and hardly conscious of fatigue.

'Memoir of the Rev W C Burns', by Isaf Burns, page 136-7.

Additional Information

I assume this is the farm where the meeting was.

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