Tullyvallen (1859)

“On Sabbath, the 30th June 1859 the Rev. S. J. Moore, of Ballymena, came to preach the annual sermon on behalf of the Sabbath-school Union in this quarter, at Tullyallen. The service commenced at five o’clock p.m. The audience was large, amounting to several thousands. Strongmen trembled; faces grew pale; many could scarcely reach home when the services were ended, through weakness and anxiety, and many as they went were disposed to retire to some solitary place to pray. Such was the state of feeling produced on such a multitude in a few minutes. This was surely the powerful work of the Holy Spirit as on the day of Pentecost. That meeting was kept up for several hours and was addressed by the ministers of the neighbourhood who were present. Prayer-meetings were appointed during the week, and on the next Friday evening, a large, number attended. During the services, fifteen or twenty were impressed or stricken, crying aloud for mercy. The work of revival had now come.

“The attention of the community was quite arrested, and the people spoke of little else but the revival. The business of the world was to a great extent laid aside; religion seemed to take its proper place—the first place; the salvation of the soul seemed to be the one thing needful; many almost forgot to take their regular food—became pale and weak. Their great anxiety appeared to be, ‘What must I do to be saved?’

“Stated meetings weekly have been kept up in our church now for six months—well attended—and at most of these for months the cry for mercy was often heard.”

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