Castlewellan Presbyterian Church (1859)

About the time of the observance of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, in May last, indications of a religious revival began to appear in the Presbyterian congregation of Castlewellan. For some sabbaths previous to the stated recurrence of this ordinance, the pastor of the congregation has been in the habit of selecting special and suitable subjects for the pulpit, as preparatory to its proper and profitable observance ; and on the last occasion he took up the subject of a Revival of religion," in a series of discourses. From this time, the presence and blessings of the Holy Spirit have been manifesting themselves in convictions of sin, and in an unusually deep and increasing seriousness regarding divine things.

Shortly after the commencement of the special services, extraordinary convictions of sin became apparent. Many have been "stricken" down, and some hundreds are giving satisfactory evidence of having awakened to a sense of the value of their souls, and the preciousness of gospel blessings and they are vary earnestly seeking them in the diligent use of the appointed means, of grace; and there is also sufficient evidence that some have been turned unto the Lord. Bible and catechetical classes have been opened for all who wish to attend, and special classes for inquirers and converts; and these opportunities of religious instruction and counsel are most eagerly embraced by an increasingly large number of anxious hungerers after the "Broad of Life." Let the friends of this whole movement never forget that it is all and altogether the work of God —" The Lord alone will be exalted in that day "—and that prayer is his own appointed means of engaging his grace and power on its behalf, and just in proportion to their prayers will be its progress and extent. From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume i, p27, Aug 20th 1859.

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