First Presbyterian Church Islandmagee (1859)


IN the district of Islandmagee, the revival movement has made great progress. The first manifestation was on Wednesday, the 8th June, the day of humiliation prior to the communion in the church of the First Congregation.

Many came up to the house of God that day—they could not tell how it was—with more than an ordinary feeling of "godly fear," and in anxious expectation.

The Rev. George Magill of Lylehill officiated. The services were not long commenced when a young lady was "smitten down."

From that day till the present time, God has been walking in mercy throughout the length and breadth of the parish, subduing stubborn hearts, and awakening many who were long at ease in Zion. The First and Second Presbyterian churches are now filled with anxious and attentive hearers every Sabbath.

The communion was held in the church of the First Congregation on the second Sabbath of June, and such a solemn communion the members of the congregation never experienced on any former occasion.

On the Monday evening following, there was a prayer- meeting. Hundreds attended, and many were convicted.

On Wednesday evening, another meeting was held in the First Presbyterian church. About 900 were present and were addressed by the Rev. Messrs Campbell, Whiteford Warwick, and Shaw. Many were awakened, and many were "stricken down;" and hundreds remained about the house of God till the sun had risen.

Wednesday night, the 8th June, will be long remembered in Islandmagee—a night on which God opened the windows of heaven, and poured out blessings upon many souls.

On Thursday evening, the Second Presbyterian church was filled to overflowing. The Rev. R. H. Shaw presided. The meeting was addressed by the Rev. W. Campbell, D. Andrews, Esq., and others. The feeling was intense.

In both the First and Second congregations, the number of communicants has greatly increased. Many have been savingly brought to God by the power of the Holy Ghost; and many more, we trust, shall ere long know Christ as a personal Saviour, who are yet in doubts and darkness.

Prayer-meetings have been established in many localities all over the district, and are well attended by worshippers anxious to worship God "in spirit and in truth." The Lord has done great things for us, and greater things than these may our eyes yet behold! Blessed be His holy name!

From ‘Authentic Records of Revival, now in progress in the United Kingdom, published in 1860, re-printed and edited in 1980 by Richard Owen Roberts.

We have recent information respecting the progress of the Revival work in the interesting Presbyterian district of Island­magee. Although little notice has hitherto been taken of this locality in published reports, we are well assured that the spiritual awakening has been extending there in a most remark­able manner, and producing effects as gratifying as they are likely to be permanent. Men who were long noted for habits of drunkenness, Sabbath-breaking, and profane swearing, have been brought to the foot of the cross. It is most satisfactory to be enabled to state that not a single instance of backsliding has occurred.—Banner of Ulster.

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume i, p162, Dec 17th, 1859.

Additional Information

This church was built in 1795.

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