Claggan Presbyterian Church (1859)

“In this congregation, for some time past, the work of the Lord has been making hopeful progress. A good number, after weeks perhaps months of deep conviction, are now rejoicing in Jesus. Many deeply wounded spirits are still labouring under the heavy burden of sin and can get no rest 'til the blood be applied, and the curse be removed, and peace be enjoyed. One small meeting for prayer, in a farmer's house, we must notice. After praise and short prayers from two or three whose hearts the Lord had touched, and after a portion scripture had been read and simply applied, those under a deep sense of sin were requested to wait for consultation.

"Upwards of a dozen complied with the request. Their difficulties were made known to each other and a few words were spoken by or e who had personal experience in similar circumstances. The small company then kneeled together with one accord at the Throne of Grace. A short prayer was offered, but no one moved. This sweet worship continued 'til nearly everyone present felt the power of the mighty Spirit. Some, after a short mental agony, were enabled to rejoice in Jesus, while others were either completely prostrated or, with all the powers of mind and body, were pouring forth that deep piercing cry to Heaven:— 'Jesus come! Come quickly! And break my chains! Take all my sins away! Save me now!' Others returning; from the meeting or to their homes were impressed. One poor who had no closet for private prayer, chose the bedside to pour out the burden of her soul to God. There she was visited and there she lay 'til her cries for mercy brought her friends to her humble Bethel. The night was passed in deep distress but the morning brought sweet peace in Jesus." "The Banner of Ulster" 9th July 1859

Additional Information

I assume the meetings were in this church.

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