Lissara Presbyterian Church (1859)

“The great awakening has reached this place. Prayer meetings are field every evening in Lissara Presbyterian Church. At these meetings some have been suddenly convicted, while others have had their hearts gently opened. Many are now rejoicing in Jesus their Saviour. On Thursday evening there was a wonderful display of the grace and power of God. After the meeting was finished, at a late hour, the people seemed unwilling to go to their homes. They still remained within the grounds of the church, and in the open-air prayer after prayer was offered up on behalf of convicted souls. While this was being done some were stricken down and were heard to say like the publican:— 'God be merciful to me a sinner'. Numbers in this town, who could not be encouraged to attend any place of worship, are found every evening in the sanctuary, and are earnestly praying that they may see Jesus there."

"The Banner of Ulster" 2nd July 1859

The Presbyterian minister, Rev. J. G. Thompson, relates the following:

“In the middle of the month of January 1859 I was called upon early one morning to see a previously strong healthy young man, who supposed himself to be dying. On my arrival, I found him lying in bed, and evidently in a state of great bodily weakness, although his sickness did not seem to be unto death. Entering into conversation with him, I learned that he had been sick of soul, previous to his being sick of body and that the former was the cause of the latter. He told me that he had been very much impressed by a sermon I had preached on the last Sabbath afternoon, from these words, ‘I have a message from God unto thee.’ (Judges iii. 20). Alarmed on account of sin and the punishment due to it, he could get no rest, day nor night. Loudly did he cry for mercy, and did not cry in vain. He knocked, and the door of mercy was opened for the outpouring of spiritual blessings. He obtained pardon and peace after a severe struggle, by which he was left in a state of great bodily weakness. He was unable to walk for a number of days, and not until two months had passed was he able to pursue his ordinary business. Strange to say, when affected first, he complained of there being about his heart, unattended by any pain, a heavy weight, which he considered in some way to be associated with the idea of sin. This was removed, as he said, when the Holy Spirit came into his heart and produced within him that faith which enabled him to lay hold upon Jesus, and to fly to Him from the wrath to come. His features indicated the gladness of one who had found some great and lasting treasure. You could have seen the very joy sparkling in his eye; and more than once did I hear him say, that if the Lord willed, he would rather depart and be with Jesus. His case was, in many particulars, similar to that of a great many I have seen since the great religious movement came among us. While his weakness remained, I frequently read the Scriptures, conversed and prayed with him. In all such exercises, he took, and still takes the deepest interest, He is still growing in grace, and by his walk and conversation in the world, gives every evidence of being a son of the Lord Almighty. This and similar cases have been like drops before the shower.

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