Ballybogey (1859)

"The Rev. John Alexander has kindly furnished us with the following note on the progress of the revival in his own neighbourhood:- `Since Monday night this district has been in the greatest state of excitement. In different localities prayer meetings have been held and numerously attended. The first meeting was held at Damhead, when several persons came under the influence of this extraordinary dispensation. In the Parish of Ballyrashane, on the leading road down to Portrush, nearly every family has been visited. In some cases only one member and in other incidents the whole family has been brought under conviction. I have seen cholera, and afterwards famine rage in frightful forms around us, but never did I see a tenth part of the excitement which I have witnessed for the last ten days. The last Sabbath at Ballyrashane, the service in the meeting house was one not to be forgotten by any who were present. There was a crowd of anxious and deeply impressed hearers. A few people came under the influence of conviction which occasioned a little confusion, but the effect was most extraordinary. I had previously announced an outdoor sermon for last Sabbath evening at Ballybogey, and it was afterwards made known that the meeting would be attended and addressed by some of the awakened'. I arrived at the place at the appointed hour, and such a multitude I have seldom witnessed. There were, it was considered, fifteen hundred people on the ground. Excellent addresses were delivered by Messrs. MacAfee and Boyle, and others. Upwards of fifty people were convicted at the meeting. The scene, apart from its moral results, was truly alarming.

"Prayer meetings have been held every evening this week at Cloyfinn, Ballyrashane Meeting House and Damhead. The moral effect in this district is beyond all description. The ministers have been employed in leading and guiding meetings - this they have done harmoniously, prayerfully and practically, both day and night. The cases arc numerous and important. Comment here is useless, and all around are equally well acquainted with this extraordinary and merciful dispensation. It is a great good work of the Spirit of God, and I firmly believe that great and good will be the results."

"The Coleraine Chronicle"18th June 1859.

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