Newry (1859)

Dr. Weir gives the following account of a revival service he addressed in the town:

“Here I stood up in the presence of a large assembly of various evangelical denominations, and surrounded by many to whom for years I had ministered the word of life, and introduced into the church of Christ. The pastor, the Rev. J. Dodd, opened by solemn prayer; and not without much emotion did I address the assembly.

“While speaking, there was a noise in the gallery, and the sound of footsteps of parties hastily retiring. Immediately afterwards, I heard a loud cry outside, twice at least repeated. The sound was peculiar; a lady afterwards described it as a ‘wail.’ But to me it suggested the idea that some intoxicated person, or a Romanist, had got into the grounds surrounding the church, and had raised this cry in mockery.

“After the service was over, the pastor came to me and informed me of the true cause of this strange outcry. A young man sat in the gallery that evening, who had received a religious education, but who had wandered from God and His ways. A companion sat in the same pew, and about the middle of the service, his friend suddenly turned to him and said, ‘I am very ill. Come out with me.’ They then hastened forth, and as soon as the area in front was gained, the young man, unable to control his feelings any longer, gave utterance by agonising cries to the fear and agitation which oppressed him.

“Immediately after this service, a meeting for awakened persons was held in the vestry.”


We have had, round about here, a sort of second outpouring of the Spirit. A little time ago, 100 people were 'stricken,' at a prayer-meeting addressed by a young convert. The work goes on wonderfully, and, I have no doubt myself, that this year will be as remarkable as the last among us.

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume ii, p37, Feb 4th 1860.

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