Larne (1859)

With regard to Larne we have a similarly encouraging account to give. The increase in the number of prayer-meetings is remarkable: there are now twelve where formerly there was but one. Of those who have made a profession of Christ, not one is known to have turned back to the paths of sin. Several individuals who were connected with the Unitarian communion have been 'stricken down," and have never since entered the place of meeting they once attended, At the fair of Larne, held on Thursday last, the effects of the Revival work were very evident. This great market was long notorious for the scenes of drunkenness and turbulence which it presented in the even­ings, when the inebriate could have been reckoned by scores. A correspondent informs us that at the last fair he saw only three drunken persons and that long before the evening the great bulk of those who had been present had wended their way homeward.—Banner of Ulster.

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume i, p162, Dec 17th, 1859.

"At Lame, the revival has commenced in real earnest. Last Sunday evening the different places of worship were crowded to excess; many were convicted and converted, and the deepest interest in the movement seems to be felt by all classes of the community. The town is in a state of considerable excitement regarding the matter. Nothing else is talked of, and each individual appears anxious that it should go on and prosper in that district." "The Belfast Telegraph" June 7th 1859

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