Carryduff Presbyterian Church (1859)

"The blessed work of spiritual revival has been going on here also for the last month. Four weeks ago congregational prayer meetings were begun, which were soon so largely attended that the church could not contain the numbers that thronged to the place of prayer. Although held every evening in the week, there were six hundred to eight hundred present. Beyond the prayer meetings, no means were adapted for exciting the religious feelings of the people. No converts were brought to deliver their soul-stirring addresses, nor were the meetings protracted to a late hour of the night, and yet the Spirit of God has been poured out as abundantly and as effectively as on any other congregation, thus proving that, in a great degree, the work is of God, independent of the work of man.

"The first evidence of the Spirit's work, on the hearts of the people, were seen in many members of the congregation, young and old, coming forward to lead the devotional worship, who had hitherto refused to perform that duty from feelings of shame or incompetence. For three weeks the meetings were conducted entirely by the praying people of the neighbourhood, without any physical displays, until last Sabbath when, during the time the minister was preaching many, like the Philippian jailer, fell down trembling and began to cry out, 'What must I do to be saved?' Every day and night since that time, many have been stricken by the Spirit with deep conviction, and have found pardon and peace in the Saviour. One phase of the Spirit's work, in this place, is that nearly all who have been brought under His extraordinary influence are persons advanced in age — some very old — while few young people have yet been struck down." "The Banner of Ulster" 2nd July 1859

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I assume the meetings were here.

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