Creaghrock (1859)

“On Tuesday the 7th there was a glorious meeting at Creaghrock — midway between Ahoghill and Randalstown. This place has become famous, or rather infamous, as a cockpit especially on Ahoghill Old Fair Day, when thousands would have assembled for the degrading sport of cock-fighting, thereby making it a scene of lying, blasphemy drunkenness and all manner of sin. In these revival times a number of the awakened, some of whom perhaps were 'cockers' themselves, resolved to make on this occasion a far different scene, and therefore invited several ministers to attend and address the meeting against all manner of vice, and further promotion of all manner of holiness. Tuesday was one of June's finest days — sky unclouded, sun brilliant, all nature laughing with joy, and 'Heaven smiling o'er us.'

"The meeting was at ten o'clock in the morning and even at that early hour crowds in all directions and of all characters — in many cases from a distance of five or six miles — were seen wending their way gladly to the rock, and at one time there could not have been much less than two thousand present. All behaved with good manners, while the Rev. Mr Smith of Creaghmore, the Rev. Messrs. D. Adams and F. Buick of Ahoghill and the Rev. H. Stewart usefully and earnestly addressed the vast and attentive audience, while prayers were offered up by fervent laymen. A most solemn impression was produced on all from the grey-haired man of ninety to the merry child of a few years. Many of the old and young were deeply and visibly impressed by the Spirit's power and, altogether, such hallowed scenes cannot fail to be engraved on the heart of every participant, as it is believed that several on that day could then and there look up to Heaven and say of Jesus, 'Rock of Ages, Cleft for me."

"The Banner of Ulster" June 9th 1859.'

Additional Information

The area marked is Creagh; I am not sure where the meeting place was.

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