Brigh (1859)

“Sabbath, the 17th of August,” says the Rev John Maxwell of Brigh, “was a remarkable day. During the opening prayer I felt myself carried away in a sort of rapt earnestness, such as I never experienced before, a long continuance of which my body, a good deal worn at the time, could not have borne. For a time there was a strange solemn stillness over the congregation, there high breathing, and there a suppressed sigh or groan, there a scream, and in a few moments the whole house one scene of indescribable commotion, with every conceivable manifestation of religious feeling. Respecting that wondrous scene, I will only say that almost every member of the congregation to whom I have spoken about it, described himself as being the subject of some overpowering emotion, such as none had ever felt before, and varying in character according to the spiritual character of the individual.”

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