Dungiven Presbyterian Church (1859)

“A revival meeting was held on the 17th in the Presbyterian Meeting House, Dungiven, which had to be adjourned to a field on accord of the numbers there being upwards of one thousand people. The devotional worship was conducted by the Rev. Messrs. McGill, Black and Davison, and the local Presbyterian clergymen were ably assisted by several laymen. The manifestations on the occasion were truly astounding. Not less than one hundred persons were convicted and were able to cry for mercy. I am happy to state that one Roman Catholic bewailed his lost condition and fled to the Cross of Christ for refuge. I consider about three quarters, or more, of those stricken rejoiced in a Saviour's love before they left the place, which was about four o'clock next morning.

“There was also a prayer meeting held by the Rev. George Scott of Managher on Monday, 20th at Banagher, at which there were some eight persons converted. We had also a meeting in the Parish church of Dungiven on the 22"d, attended by some four or five hundred people — all of whom appeared to be deeply affected by a most eloquent, impressive and heart touching sermon delivered by the Rev. George Scott, who preached from Revelation 3:20. Altogether the inhabitants of this locality, even those not convicted, appeared to be living more consistent lives, and God has manifested Himself in our midst breaking the most stubborn and hard sinner's heart."

"The Derry Sentinel" 24th June 1895

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