Magherally Presbyterian Church (1859)

'On Sabbath the 14th, the annual sermon to the Sabbath School children in this Parish and neighbourhood was preached by the Rev. James Thompson from Psalm 71:17:- 'O God, Thou hast taught me from my youth.' The sermon was well adapted to the youthful part of the congregation. There were five Sabbath Schools present - Mullafernaghan, Magherally, Chinauley, Ballydown and Ballyroney - above five hundred children. Every school was examined separately on the sermon which was preached and on other doctrines of the Bible. The answering was exceedingly good - all questions were distinctly answered. There could not be less than twelve hundred people present. Hundreds had to stand outside the doors and windows. There was more than usual solemnity over the face of the audience and we have no doubt that many were rejoicing in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

"The great work of revival is still going on in this Parish and other districts around it. The rector of the Parish and the curate go hand in hand with the Rev. Mr Thomas in holding prayer meetings. Some have been stricken down under deep conviction of sin, and many more in their own homes have had their hearts opened, seeking the Lord by prayer have found Him. The good work is spreading rapidly in that town of Banbridge, and the ministers in that town are labouring night and day in directing the convicted ones to Jesus. One girl, lately affected and crying for mercy when brought home, threw her arms about her mother's neck and kissed her, and cried out `O mother, will you not come with me to Jesus?’

"The Banner of Ulster" 18th August 1859

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