Dromore (1859)

In the gracious fruits of the revival the Dromore circuit, where the Rev. Oliver M'Cutcheon was stationed, participated largely. Much prayer was offered, the congregations increased, and at length the Lord answered by fire. The Holy Ghost descended in converting power, first in the houses of the people, and afterwards on the congregations; many were cut to the heart and led to cry aloud for mercy. It was a deeply interesting spectacle, on one occasion, when those recently brought to the knowledge of the truth marched in solemn procession through the street, singing hymns, and then crowded into the Wesleyan chapel. The country parts of the circuit, however, shared even more largely than the town in these showers of blessing. At Banbridge also similar scenes were witnessed, chiefly in con­nection with the labours of Mr Conlin of the Primitive Wesleyan.Society.

From, 'History of Methodism in Ireland'Volume III, by Crookshank, p515.

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