Moneyreagh (1859)

"On Sabbath evening last, the 28th, the Rev. J. M. Killen, Comber, preached to an immense assembly in the open-air near the Unitarian Meeting House, Moneyreagh. It has been calculated by those qualified to judge that upwards of five thousand people must have been present. The vast audience listened with profound attention to the preacher for upwards of two hours and during the service a great number of prostrations took place. At the end of the service the place surrounding the locality where the service had been held was dotted over by groups engaged in attending to the convicted ones and who administered instruction or consolation as the cases required. Altogether the scene was most interesting and solemnising, and God's children who were present considered that the cause of revival received great encouragement from the services in which they had been engaged. Rev. Killen was earnestly requested to hold a similar service next Sabbath evening, but other engagements prevent him from immediately complying with their requests."

"The Banner of Ulster" 3rd September 1859

Additional Information

The meeting was in a field somewhere close to the marker.

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