Ballymore Parish Church of St Mark (1859)

A correspondent writes to us as follows, dated Aug. 16:— " The day-spring from on high bath visited us, in answer to the prayers of many of the Lord's people. Lately, a spirit of earnest enquiry had been amongst the people, and a few had found peace in Christ; but on the night of Sunday, the 7th inst., our first stricken case occurred, in a married woman, who had been deeply impressed with her need of a Saviour for two or three days. The sermon in the parish church had caught her attention, and on returning home, she was seized with a most violent agony, which lasted for some hours, during which her mind dwelt much on Christ. and on his work in saving guilty souls from hell. She saw the way of peace and rejoiced that it was hers, and now rests on the written Word which has spoken peace to her soul. Many others, hearing thereof have been brought to the feet of Jesus, and have found peace and joy in believing that "lie was bruised for their transgres­sions." The good work still progresses. Physical emotion is very rare, but the Spirit of God is opening the heart of many, as He did Lydia's, to hearken to the things that are spoken in the Word. We have deep reason for thankfulness, and trust that this solemn time will lead many who have been hitherto Opposers of the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ, to lay down the arms of their rebellion, and to accept the offer of eternal life arid present salvation, wrought out for poor lost sinners by one "able and willing to save to the uttermost all that come unto God through Him"

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume i, p35, August 27th, 1859.

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