Ballyboley (1859)

Even into this wild and mountainous district of County Antrim — notable formerly and chiefly for the number of game it breeds and the numbers of poachers who made them their own, despite all the regulations to the contrary — the revival has found its way. Formerly there was scarcely a man or a boy in the whole district who was not a poacher — skillful, expert and proud of this contraband craft. At the present moment we are informed by a gentleman who owns a large portion of the grounds and is anxious that the game should be preserved, not a feather is touched by those who previously left the moors bearing grouse and plover. So well assured is the landlord of the sincerity of his former erratic tenants in this respect that he can even entrust a hamper of wine in their way without fear of raid."

"The Banner of Ulster" 17th September 1859

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