Summerisland (1808)

One of the places visited by the preachers was Summerisland, the residence of Mrs Davis, who was converted during this blessed revival. One day she said to Mr Lanktree, as he was about to leave, "I hope you will not forget to pray for me, as I am per­suaded you will not see me alive on your return." Her health being then delicate, it was as she apprehended: she died in the full triumph of faith. At her funeral, one man said to another, "Our neighbour is gone to heaven." "Aye," was the reply, "but where are you and I going?" Thus both were deeply convinced of sin and subsequently enabled to rest on Jesus as their Saviour. The conversion of these two proved the commencement of a blessed awakening in that district of country, during which many were raised from death of sin unto the life of righteousness.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume II, by Crookshank, p315-6.

Additional Information

Location unknown, but according to the locals this was the only church in the area.

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