Second Dromara Presbyterian Church (1875)

Special meetings have been held in Dromara during the last five weeks, sometimes in First Dromara Presbyterian Church, and more frequently in Second Dromara. The rector, Rev. Mr Ball, and Revs Mr Patton and Shepherd, have cordially joined in the service. The attendance has varied from 150 to 600. Neighbouring ministers and laymen have assisted and a few have been invited from a distance. The Psalms and Sankey's hymns have been sung, and meetings for inquirers held afterwards. The interest has gradually increased from week to week. Four persons remained to be spoken to at first; afterwards eight and ten in the night. On Sabbath evening, Jan 10th, twenty anxious inquirers remained; on the 14th, thirty remained; and on the 20th sixty remained to be spoken to, besides thirty who believe they have been brought to Christ very lately. Never since 1859 has there been such anxiety as at present.

From 'The Witness' 22/1/1875.

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