Dunmurry Presbyterian Church (1875)

...the Holy Ghost was present in our evangelistic meeting, comforting the backslider, breaking hard hearts, and subduing rebellious wills. Since 1859 no such scene has been witnessed here; for, at the close of our meeting, between twenty and thirty remained for conversation and inquiry. It was a night to be remembered. For, here in one part of the church were a godly mother and father rejoicing over two of their sons, just entering manhood, and members of my Bible class, who had decided for God, and Christ, and heaven. There was a husband (himself a recent convert) exulting in his wife, who, there and then, had accepted Jesus of Nazareth as her Redeemer and King. Yonder, in another part of the church, were two mothers in tears... And over in another pew might be seen a father, formerly careless, worldly, worse-declaring himself on the side of Christ, to love and serve Him forever.

From 'The Witness' 15/1/1875

Our evangelistic meetings continue to be scenes of blessing; for not only have we large congregations-last evening the largest yet, the weather notwithstanding-in addition we have the most earnest hearing, and many have been 'asking the way Zionward.'

From 'The Witness' 22/1/1875.

Additional Information

The church was sold for development in 2008.

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