Derrynekan (1807)

During Lorenzo Dow's visit to the north, he was accompanied by Edward Addy, who in some measure caught the spirit of his zealous friend, and began, in the county of Armagh, to hold meetings himself, which were made a great blessing. At Drumcree, where there was a small class, and also a public house, as well as a dancing school, Mr Addy obtained access to most of the Protestant. families on the townland, and conducted services with such effect that in three months the dancing school was closed, the public-house deserted, and the Society increased from nine to thirty-six members. Thence the work spread to Derry­neskan, where such an extensive awakening took place, that no house could contain the people, who thronged to hear the word preached, and the services were therefore held out of doors.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume II, by Crookshank, p289.

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Location unknown.

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