Garvagh (1817)

The reports furnished by the missionaries were most encouraging. Mr Noble writes that there had been "a most glorious work in the county of Derry." In a small tract of country between Kilrea and Garvagh, a circuit was formed that received two missionaries every night in the month; classes were com­menced in almost every village, and the congregations were very large. The services sometimes continued for five or six hours, while the people expressed the agony of their souls by strong and bitter cries. At one of these meetings in Kilrea, during which many were converted, when the preachers and leaders were exhausted, the service was continued by some devoted sisters who were present. Scarcely a night passed that some were not made happy in God. In one little village, previously noted for its wickedness, the public-house was shut up, cock-fighting abandoned, and nearly all the people converted.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume II p418-9.

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