Edenaveagh (1827)

The revival on the Maguiresbridge circuit, in connection with the labours of the Primitive Wesleyan preachers, continued to deepen and extend in its gracious influence. Amongst the new openings secured, one was at Edenaveagh, where a congregation of more than three hundred persons assembled in a school-house, at the first service. Soon the power of God descended, a loud and general cry for mercy was heard, the preacher had to abruptly end his discourse, and a prayer-meeting was held. At this service seventeen persons were enabled to rejoice in God their Saviour, and about one hundred were convinced of sin. On the following Sabbath a class of thirty members was formed, and thus an effectual door was opened in a district of country that had been in great spiritual destitution. At the March quarterly meetings about sixty souls were brought into the liberty of the children of God, and a similar number at those held in June. During the year nearly five hundred members were added to the Society on this circuit.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' by Crookshank, Volume 3, p105.

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