Fivemiletown Common (1827)

The extensive religious awakening of the previous two years on the Maguiresbridge circuit continued during the whole of this year. The labours of a third preacher were secured, and a regular plan was formed, but soon the work became too much even for the three brethren engaged in it. The converts sprang up "as among the grass, as willows by the water-courses;" and all the services were attended with the convincing, converting, and sanctifying power of God. At length, one after another, the health of each of the preachers gave way, until the three were laid aside. But two young men were secured as a supply for them, and they, aided by the leaders, carried on the good work. At a field-meeting held in June, on the commons of Fivemiletown, it was estimated that three thousand persons were present, while the Rev. Adam Averell preached with power on the nature and necessity of perfect love. Three years previously there were on this circuit eighty-eight leaders, and one thousand four hundred and forty members of Society; now there were one hundred and forty-three leaders, and two thousand four hundred and sixteen members; being an increase of fifty-five leaders, and nine hundred and seventy-six members.

'History of Methodism in Ireland', Volume iii, by Crookshank, p120.

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