Enniskillen Scots Presbyterian Church (1819)

A quarterly meeting was held in the recently restored chapel at Enniskillen, during which there was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as those present had seldom if ever witnessed before. The preachers, Messrs. 011iffe, Edward Johnston, and Edgerton, felt that little remained for them to do, but to stand still and see the salvation of God, while the whole congregation bowed before the Lord, either in self-abasement of spirit, crying aloud for mercy, or in adoring wonder at the goodness of God. Twenty- seven persons professed to having obtained peace and joy in believing. Thus a blessed revival commenced, which soon spread through the adjoining country, including Brookeborough and Irvinestown, and led to the conversions of a large number, many of whom were added to the Primitive as well as the Wesleyan Societies.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume II by Crookshank

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