Loughall (1830)

On the Charlemont circuit, where Messrs. William Pattyson, James Robinson, jun., and William Craig were stationed, a very blessed revival began in the vicinity of Tullyroan, spread all around the neighbourhood, and soon extended to Charlemont. At one meeting, held at Loughgall, about twenty persons professed to have obtained peace with God; at another service, at Tullyroan, about eighteen acknowledged having received the same blessing; and at a quarterly meeting, held in Charlemont, such numbers were present that the adjoining parochial school was dismissed in order to accommodate those who could not get into the chapel, while about thirty were led to religious decision. At the close of the year it was estimated that from two to three hundred had been converted, while, after having filled all vacancies in the membership, there was an increase of one hundred and eighty-six.

'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume iii, by Crookshank, p143.

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