Larne Methodist Church (1825)

1825.The Revs. John Nelson and John Armstrong were stationed in Lurgan, where they had a gracious revival. It appears to have commenced with a service Mr Armstrong held one Sunday after­noon in the street, at the close of which he announced the usual meeting in the evening, when the chapel was so full that even the pulpit stairs were occupied. Many new classes were formed, and a large number of members received into the Society. Of the March quarterly meetings Mr Armstrong says, "God has been with us in them all, particularly last Sunday, at Bluestone. It was a day never to be forgotten; many found peace, and not a few were sanctified wholly. At our leaders' meeting in Lurgan about forty were present, the two preachers, and Mr Johnston, the circuit steward. At the close we had the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Such a leaders' meeting, for love, harmony, and genuine piety, I never attended before. And such a soil for labour as this circuit I never was in previously. No matter where and when we preached, the crowd was great. We have added about two hundred to our Society since Conference, and we have also an increase of piety, zeal, and brotherly love amongst our leaders and members." 'History of Methodism in Ireland', Volume iii, by Crookshank, p78 1856. On the Carrickfergus circuit, were the Revs Thomas Ballard and Colin M`Kay were stationed, there was a very blessed revival, more especially in the neighbourhood of Larne. 'History of Methodism in Ireland', Volume iii, by Crookshank, p474.

Additional Information

The old Methodist Church was in Pound St.

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