Port Norris (1878)

Correspondents write respecting a series of meetings, which have been held for the last three weeks by Messrs. Smith and McNab:-
"Messrs. Smith and McNab preached the first two weeks in the mill loft, and last week in Mr McPherson's large barn. The meetings were all well attended. These evangelists make the Gospel very plain and have great power to persuade men that God is a God of love and that he is willing to save the greatest sinner on earth. They have had a wonderful effect. The meeting yesterday evening was about 300, and few went away before the after-meeting; as far as I could judge, I never saw
so many conversions at the close of one meeting. We join in returning you thanks for sending such evangelists."

"The Christian," June 6th, 1878.

Additional Information

There was a name change - Location unknown

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