Fintona (1772)

A zealous local preacher on this circuit being deeply im­pressed that he ought to visit Fintona, which was then noted for its wickedness, rode there, and, calling at a house, told the family he would stay and preach if they would call in some of their neighbours. They received him hospitably and invited all the people around. At the close of the service he announced that he would preach again on the next evening, in another house, if anyone desired it. Thus he was invited by several families, remained some days, and the Lord gave His blessing. Many were awakened to a sense of their state and led ear­nestly to seek the kingdom of God. Some of the members of an adjoining Society then visited the town and arranged for a watch-night service, which excited great interest. A violent woman, who lived a few yards from the place of meeting, pro­tested against anyone belonging to her going thither. At length she yielded to the earnest entreaties of her daughter, who desired to attend, but prayed that she might never see her way back again. During the service an uncommon power de­scended on the people, many were deeply affected, and led to cry aloud for mercy, and not a few found the blessing they sought. The woman mentioned above heard the noise and went to the door, but soon returned to her own house, and there cried earnestly for mercy. Some persons were sent for to pray with her, and the Lord heard and delivered her from all her fears.

'History of Methodism in Ireland, Volume I p299.

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Location unknown.

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