Drumclamph (1825)

The Wesleyan Society on this circuit was likewise favoured with a similar season of refreshing. It commenced at a prayer- meeting conducted by the leaders at Drumclamph, during which. the Holy Spirit was poured out so powerfully that several persons cried aloud for mercy and refused to be comforted until God spoke peace to their souls. The services were continued, great numbers attended, and for several weeks in succession scarcely a Meeting was held at which some were not awakened or made happy in God. The tidings of this blessed work spread throughout the neighbourhood, and with the good news the revival itself extended. In some instances pious farmers were obliged to leave their work in the fields, in order to pray with and comfort the mourners assembled in their barns. Of the March quarterly meeting the Rev. John Foster writes that he never before attended a service marked by such a display of the power of God, while at a place near Castlederg, at a similar meeting, "an unusual number of people were present, and the arm of the Lord was made bare in an extraordinary manner." Among the rest, five Roman Catholics were converted, and several young men, who engaged heartily in work for Christ., while in four months about two hundred members were added to the Society.

'History of Methodism in Ireland', Volume iii, by Crookshank, p79.

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