Moy Methodist Church (1792)

1792. There were few districts of the country in which God was pleased to bless the labours of His servants more than in and around Charlemont. There was a blessed outpouring of the Spirit, and the efforts of the preachers were greatly acknowledged in the conversion of many, the number of members on the circuit being then the largest in Ireland. Mr Shillington, in reference to a service which he attended on May the 27th, says:—"Blessed be God, my soul was greatly refreshed this evening in a love-feast. The number of people assembled was so great that we had to go to an orchard, and not only drops, but showers of redeeming grace descended into many hearts. I was so filled with the humbling love of Jesus that it was beyond the power of my tongue to express what I felt.” 1795. At Charlemont, the evangelist preached in the open air to about three thou­sand persons, and the love-feast which followed was the most blessed he had ever attended; never before having seen so many witnesses of the truth at one meeting, or felt so much of the power of God. 'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume ii, by Crookshank, p52 and p87. 1856. At the following quarterly meeting at Dungannon the Spirit of the Lord descended in mighty power, cries for mercy were heard in every part of the house, and many obtained a sense of God's forgiving love. At the meeting in Moy, which followed, similar cheering results were witnessed. Special services Methodism in different parts of the circuit, and they were greatly owned of God. Thus the good work deepened and spread, and the preachers, as the year closed, had the joy of returning a good increase in the membership. 'History of Methodism in Ireland' Volume ii, by Crookshank, p474.

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There were many revivals in the Methodist Church in Charlemont.

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