Cave Hill (1875)

Here the work still continues, and ome of those who have been recently converted are bringing forth rich fruit. One man has commenced a regular visitation of the cottages scattered up the side of the mountain. One day when making a call at a house situated on the very top, he, in the course of the conversation, suggested that a meeting should be held up there for the benefit of the people who could not come down to the meetings in the school-house. The proposal was gladly accepted, and he secured a friend of his to conduct the meeting. On the following Sabbath this friend, accompanied by several young men from town, ascended the hill and spoke to the people earnestly and pointedly about the great matter of their soul's salvation. The meetings have been carried on for three successive Sabbaths, and much good seems to have been done. The attendance is all that could be desired, varying from 60 to 80 persons, who scarcely ever enter a place of worship. Each night we have had quite a number of inquirers who manifest much anxiety to learn the way of salvation, many of them being in tears. Of course, we cannot accurately tabulate the number of these, but at least twenty to thirty have professed to find peace in Jesus.

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