Balemartine (1859)

The Rev. John McFarlane, Balmartin Baptist Chapel, began a series of nightly of meetings in the month of August. The interest grew night by night. There were daily cases of awakening. He was joined by his brother, the Rev.Duncan M'Farlane of Tobermory, who wrote to a friend, on Sept 3rd:—"How very much I wish you were with us in Tiree these blessed days! The like of this awakening was never seen in Tiree. I thought I would never see anything like Moody's meetings, but the meetings here are fully equal to them in proportion to the number of people. Fancy on a busy harvest evening, Balmartin Chapel is filled at 5 o'clock, the hour of service being 7. In the meetings of inquirers there are from 60 to 80 who remain each night, anxious to be spoken to about their souls. Never home any night before 12. From 500 to 600attend the meetings every night. The doors and windows are left open to let people outside hear. The whole island is moved. This is evidently the harvest of the Lord."

‘Revivals in the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Macrea – Re-published in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications

Additional Information

The Baptist Chapel was close to the marker, I do not know if it still exists.

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