Victoria Road Chapel - Newport - William Carter (1861)

"On Friday we went to Newport; I preached in Victoria-road Chapel, I should think to 1800 persons. The power of God came down upon the people. Most blessed results followed. My wife had from forty to fifty broken hearts among the women, and I spoke to the men in the chapel. On Saturday we returned to Cardiff. On Sunday preached to thousands in the Temper­ance Hall. When I had finished preaching a merchant got up and testified that he had been a chapel-goer for years, but had never known. Christ till the last Thursday at the Town Hall. God wrought most blessedly among all classes. I have no doubt that scores of souls stepped into liberty.

"On Tuesday we went to Newport, and I preached to an over­flowing congregation; hundreds went away unable to get in; the power of God was again realized amongst us; very many were broken down, the Lord was present to heal.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 158.

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