Capel Mawr Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - Denbigh (1859)

It was in a Young People's meeting that the great feast was first spread at Denbigh, The adults were at another service, but, like eagles hasting to the prey, they came flocking into the Capel Mawr Vestry to share the spoil.

Thomas Gee was heart and soul in the movement, casting himself into the flood, as he that swimmeth spreadeth forth his hands to swim.

A poor woman one evening found her reckless, drunken poacher of a husband on his knees in the kitchen; and when he arose he gave her his gun, the weapon of unrighteousness, telling her to sell it and buy a shawl, that she might attend the services.

A similar character informed his wife that he had been served with a summons. "By which of the * bobbies'?" she asked, with an obscene oath. "No more of that!" he said solemnly; "it is Jesus Christ that has taken me up, and I shall be His prisoner forever! "
An honoured elder vouches for the following. One evening a young man on the gallery, in Capel Mawr, with intense ardour thanked God for His presence on the pre- ceding evening, when twenty-nine converts had yielded up their rebel swords. "We want more tonight, Lord. Forty to-night! Forty to-night! Forty tonight!" When the net was landed, it was found to enclose exactly forty.

The Mayor of Denbigh declared publicly on February 13 that the magistrates had only been troubled for over three months with one case, and he a strange tramp. In little more than that space of time 614 converts had been enrolled, 254 in Capel Mawr alone.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, pages 135-6.

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