Ebenezer Welsh Independent Chapel -Llangybi (1858-1859)

Under the ministry of Thomas Thomas, a minister familiar with the work of the Holy Spirit, Ebenezer, Llangybi was one of the first churches to experience the revival in 1858. It was at a preaching service on Sunday afternoon, 17th April of that year, when the Spirit brought a deep sense of conviction on the congregation, with many breaking down in tears. As a result, daily prayer meetings were begun, the meetings taking place in farms and houses in the vicinity. The houses quickly became too small to contain all those who wanted to attend, and meetings had to be held simultaneously across an increasingly wide area, including  Silian, Abermeurig, Llangeitho, Tregaron and Llanddewibrefi. The result was that spiritual matters became the theme of everyday conversation among the people, and many were added to the church. This was well before the revival broke out in Ysbyty Ystwyth a little farther to the north.

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