Abergwili (1859)

Abergwili, near Carmarthen. The Rev. D. C. Jones writes, February 29:—

" We have been visited with a larger measure of the Spirit's influences than usual. It came suddenly like a rushing mighty wind,' and that apparantly when the churches little expected it.

"The first indications were observed in the month of May last when the prayer-meetings were better attended, and larger numbers came to the public services on the Lord's day, and more punctually than usual. It was evident, from the earnest attention paid to the sermons and to every part of the service, that a deep feeling pervaded the congregation. I endeavoured to deepen and to draw out this earnest feeling by preaching from Hosea xiii. 13. This was done in my two congregations and with marked effect. During the three succeeding months I had the in­expressible pleasure of giving the right hand of fellowship to upwards of two hundred persons. I am thankful to be able to say that, with few exceptions, they give me abundant satisfaction.

"This religious movement is somewhat different from the former revivals with which Wales has been favoured. We have had no loud exhibition of feeling, but rather a strong current of inward emotions, finding vent in floods of tears. I hope it is not a transient thing, but, on the contrary, that this Gad' will be followed by troop.' There is already a considerable change in the aspect of the neighbour­hoods where the revival has prevailed. The temperance movement gathers strength, and some of the public-houses are gasping for breath, as though they were in the last struggle."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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