Llanbadarn (1859)

We conclude our notice of Cardiganshire with a letter, recently received from the Venerable Archdeacon Hughes, dated:



13th February 1860.


"MY DEAR Sir,—In compliance with your request, I beg to send you a few lines respecting the late revival in this neighbourhood. Between Aberystwyth and Llanbadarn the Established Church has received new members to the amount of two hundred and sixty. They offered them­selves apparently in a very proper state of mind—exhibit­ing nothing enthusiastic in their manner, but with proper impressions of the weight and importance of what they were doing. As might be expected, many in various places have gone back to the world, while many thousands give evi­dence of sincerity which ought to beget gratitude and praise.


"The religious revival, on the whole, I firmly believe, has been a great and extensive blessing to the principality. Multitudes of the most thoughtless characters have become, in outward conduct at least, correct and respectable."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.


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