Dolwyddelan (1860)

The first breezes of the revival were felt about the beginning of the year and we still feel their effects more or less until now. Although there is not such a noise and stir at present as at the commencement, yet we perceive signs of more feeling and seriousness. The visitation has caused an entire change in the cause of religion; large numbers have been added to the churches of the different denominations: a new life is felt in the means of grace, and the neighbourhood has considerably altered with regards to its morals, and it may be said of a truth that salvation has come to many a house. It may be mentioned, that one of the noted effects of the revival is the spirit of prayer which has fallen copiously upon all grades and ages. The public prayers are so fervent and impressive now, that the most hardened and unbelieving are obliged to confess that there is something supernatural in them.

'The Revival', volume iii, 2212/1860.

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